The Frenchies

Who we are

We are a team of designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and marketing experts united by our audacity and desire to create a positive impact in the world. We like to challenge things. We really believe that to innovate you need 3 core expertise: Business, Design and Technology. At French Bureau, we consider all 3 with equal importance.

Technology Lead Henri came to French Bureau to feel like an entrepreneur, but he already was one! A graduate of Polytechnique (Engineering school) where he studied theoretical mathematics & biology, he spent a year working on an e-health project with a researcher from the Institute of Genetic Diseases in Paris. During his studies, his adventurous personality led him to Hawaii, where he spent 5 months investigating how dolphins navigate the oceans or to Africa where he participated in a large drug bust in the Mozambique Channel. Entrepreneurs are a bit like explorers right?
Business Lead Jérôme is an old soul that frequently reminds us, with a wisdom beyond his young years, of the need to step back from the crazy pace of our startup lives and think about the meaning of what we are trying to accomplish - and never, ever forget to enjoy every step of the journey. After winning the French National Rugby championship at 17, he went on to study at HEC (Business School) before joining the French Bureau where his talent, energy and passion participate every day in challenging the status quo and helping corporations innovate again.
CEO Thomas spent 16 years in consultancies (American, Indian and French) helping large corporations with their digital transformation projects, before joining his dream startup: a place where we think and do, where each projet ambitions to have a positive impact on the economy, where people are brilliant yet benevolent - and a place that would provide him with the 2 hours of laughter he needs every day. The French Bureau is so strong within Thomas that he takes its methodology back home and systematically tests everything he asks his 2 kids to try (food, activity, game, sport).
Design Lead Youen studied at Ecole Boulle, NYC's Parsons, CELSA and ENSCI-Les Ateliers. Since then, he goes where design can be of help: improving the safety of nuclear plants for EDF or imagining the future of public services with the French State. He also teaches innovation by design at ENA where our future civil servants are trained. At French Bureau, he wants to help develop the role of design. Youen went on a 3-year boat trip around the world with his parents as a kid that shaped his curiosity, open mindedness and taught him Haitian creole.
Technology Lead Valentin studies Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Les Mines (Engineering school). He chose French Bureau to discover how to launch his own startup. He is a constant source of positive energy and challenge for his fellow Frenchies, who he likes to debate with. He nurtures his curiosity with a musical versatility that combined with his editing talents, generated wonderful videos for the French Bureau. A true fan of Japanese culture, he spent 6 months in Japan, adores geek/manga culture and even speaks some Japanese!
Business Lead Paul was French Bureau's 2nd employee. He graduated in marketing at Science Po Paris (Political Science school) and began his career at L'Oréal, working on product development, before moving to the agency side at BETC Digital in the NewBiz department. His curiosity, adventurous personality and desire to do concrete things led him to join the French Bureau adventure at his earliest stage. Paul is a serial doodler who covers sheets after sheets with esoteric drawings, which comes in handy when we have to illustrate new ideas. His favorite animal is the sloth ("mystical and quiet").
Entrepreneur In Residence Mahdi spent 5 years working in strategic consulting at BCG before joining French Bureau to get a more hands-on experience. And that's what he got as CEO of Bot Burger (our second incubated startup) where he manages the delivery of burgers to Parisians at night, between 9pm and 5am, every weekend. Mahdi also likes to get active in his personal life, where he indulges in his passion for football by attending games at Parc des Princes and playing rough as a striker on the field. Always ready for the next battle, Mahdi attended a thaï boxing training in the northern mountains of Thailand.
Senior Technology Lead Sixtine grew up in Brussels where she lived a decent number of childhood years. She trained at Centrale Paris (Engineering school) and specialized in computer science, hoping she'd be able to work with robots 🤖 🤖. But it took working at Brainsonic (which left her with a taste for Wordpress) and in a digital strategy consultancy to finally quench her passion for artificial intelligence and non-emotional beings. Thanks to French Bureau, she can now focus on the future of the world. On a more personal note, she like colors, Tim Urban (❤️), and all kinds of art.
Senior Technology Lead Clovis started his career in the Innovation and Research department of TVTY, where he developed facial recognition, signal treatment and data analysis systems. The idea of being part of a fresh adventure and of not only addressing the question of the how, through the prism of technology, but also the question of the why, via strategic thinking, convinced him to leave Fabernovel Code to join the French Bureau. Clovis brings his hands-on approach to fast prototyping, valuable experience in development, sarcastic sense of humor and generous sharing of his collection of Mezcal.
Technology Lead Pierre is the embodiment of the mythical fight between two worlds: Earth and Sky. A trained engineer at Les Mines, Pierre is rooted in Earth. He likes to test his skills with concrete issues, like developing an algorithm to analyse argumentation in speech for example. He is grounded and aspires to a simple life. But Pierre is also aerial - an idealist dreamer that found in French Bureau the free and liberating organization he was searching for. He came very close to earning TV fame by participating in a French TV quizz show. His passion is the perfect mix between Earth and Sky: mountain climbing!
Design Lead Paul studied design at Olivier de Serres, Ecole Boulle and ENSCI while working at EDF on innovation by design in the R&D department. To him, design is about thinking and creating innovative products or services that offer more interesting usages, a different view of the world and encourage a more reasonable use of resources. Paul is passionate about skateboarding. He designed a collaborative skatepark, created with the Paris skaters community, that was then implemented at the Cité de la Mode et du Design.
Technology Lead Marion spent 3 years in a biotech company as a PhD student developing the proof of concept of a drug to improve the risk-benefit ratio of chemo. She also studied at Science Po Paris (Political Science), HEC (Business) and Polytechnique (Engineering) - all at the same time. Marion likes to create high-tech, innovative projects to impact the health issues that she cares about: access to diagnostics and treatment, solidarity with populations at risk, and above all girls education, the key to every possible future. At French Bureau, Marion develops the health practice.
Senior Business Lead Ariane trained as an engineer before spending 5 years in a digital strategy consultancy where she developed her superpower: finding the best business models to ensure our innovations and startup projects have real business potential! During her time off, Ariane turns into a raw adventurer: 15 days alone in Iran and Turkmenistan staying with locals, one week by herself at the North Pole... On a windy day, you can find her roaming the Northern beaches of France between two kite surfing sessions 🔥
Design Lead Giulia is Italian (even if you can't really hear it). Rather than travel, Giulia prefers to regularly move abroad and learn the local slang. She pursued her design studies between Paris, Glasgow and Milan, worked in a design studio in Milan and for Adidas in Herzogenaurach, and is now back in Paris to join the French Bureau team, where she will share her vision of design with her fellow Frenchies and our clients. Here's a small tip if you'd like to meet Giulia: just attend a South American event in Paris... she never misses one!
Manager Faten started her career in International Public Law after graduating from the American University in DC with a Fulbright Scholarship. She then fell in love with digital marketing and explored this new field for 7 years in large French companies (L'Oréal, Danone). A career change that suited this curious, versatile geekette with a passion for connected devices. Her numerous travels and the diversity of her background, origins and language skills make her a natural diplomat that her friends like to call "The UN".
Business Lead Alexis and French Bureau were simply meant to be. French Bureau offered him ways of satisfying his endless curiosity, real challenges that demand you never take anything for granted and exceptionally diverse colleagues. In return, Alexis shared his consuming passion for innovation, his rigorous training at HEC (Business school), L’Oréal, Bureaux a Partager and Unibail-Rodamco, his infinite patience and calm personality (he never gets mad) and his ability to foster a family spirit. On his spare time, Alexis runs marathons and owns a cashew nut field in Natitingou, Benin. You can't make that up!
Business Lead Ming worked at TBWA, Microsoft and AXA before joining French Bureau where his pragmatism, business acumen and undeniable sense of humor inspired the creation of ming-inspired new words that are now part of the French Bureau vocabulary (ex: Mingastic, Exterminger, etc.). Ming is fluent in Mandarin, English, French and Sarcasm and has been learning Swedish for more than 5 years. In his spare time, Ming tries to balance the Epicurean and Stoic sides of his personality. He swims, is interested in Vedic astrology and takes care of Pablo the cat.
Business Lead Grégoire joined French Bureau after launching Running Heroes as their first employee. He graduated from the digital major at HEC (Business school). During his gap year, he worked on a project around the uses of fresh water, which led him from Anchorage to Ushuaïa through a series of out-of-the-ordinary experiences. At HEC, he was the president of the improv theater club - a passion he now puts to great use in our innovation challenges. Grégoire dreams of launching his own startup. His motto? The last sentence in Calvin & Hobbes’ : “It’s a magical world, let’s go exploring!”
Design Lead Johanna studied industrial design for 9 years, including 6 at ENSCI (French design school). Before joining the French Bureau, she held the position of "swiss-knife" at a leather goods company, where she was a designer-stylist-product manager. She also helped friends launch a coffee-bookstore. For her, French Bureau was a leap of faith - an opportunity to learn new things and constantly challenge herself. Her motto? "When I'm in a bad mood, I stop being in a mad mood". Her "joie de vivre" and tendency to speak in mimes fill her fellow Frenchies with joy every day.
Entrepreneur In Residence Romain joined as one of the founders of "Les Ripeurs", our first startup. A logical choice for someone who hates waste and wants to have a positive impact on society and the environment. Rather than empty words, Romain likes to get hands-on and act, as you can tell from his previous experiences. He was a startup product owner, a developer and became an entrepreneur when he launched his communication agency dedicated to small companies. He even built his own couch and connected mirror. In a nutshell, Romain is our resident French Bureau geek.
Manager Charlotte joined the French Bureau to create meaningful innovations and have a positive impact on the future of the world. Previously, she had perfected her superpowers during 6 years at Google Paris, where she created her own job of "Innovation Lead" and at the Singularity University on the campus of NASA, where along with 80 people from 40 countries she tried to answer the following question : "How will you impact positively 1 billion people in the next decade through technology?". On her spare time, Charlotte sings in rock bands, musicals, gospels and is now learning ukulele.
Design Lead Tom is a pragmatic man, convinced that the real value of an idea can only be measured when it comes to life - and there isn't a Frenchy to disagree! He prefers to make things rather than listen to long speeches. He trained both in design school, where he learned about the role of engineers, and engineering school, where he learned about the role of designers. In his spare time, indulging in a momentary passion for music kiosks, he managed to snap a picture of every music kiosk in Paris. He also got 30.000 upvotes on a 9gag post just to prove he could do it.
Business Lead Paola is the Trendy Frenchie. A former strategic planner at several creative agencies (Mad & Woman, Publicis, Brain Value), a cultural explorer (a year in Taiwan, another in Pekin), she uses her curiosity to test new and different products and services and her keen sense of observation to constantly analyze people, their environment, interactions and choices. She writes faster than her shadow, and has led the editing of 13 trend books in the past. Paola, who lives, thinks and dreams about consumers, joined the French Bureau to give life to ideas she could only imagine in her previous jobs.
Business Lead Clémentine worked in a digital performance consultancy and in the strategy department at Allianz before joining the French Bureau, to get out of her comfort zone and most importantly, really create value. She majored in digital at HEC (Business school). An accomplished sportswoman (tennis, football, volleyball), Clementine developed her entrepreneurial skills by organizing a tennis tournament in Roland Garros with 8 international teams during 4 days. Her motto? Experiencing life at its fullest and being 100% committed without ever taking yourself too seriously.
Senior Business Lead Anissia is a born entrepreneur. At 21 she raised 500K€ to launch her first startup to transform mobility in Europe. She then launched Djump (UberPop competitor) and moved from Brussels to Paris to expand the service. Their initial success ends when a lawsuit forces them to shut down and fire 15 people. Next? Chauffeur Privé, Menu Next Door and French Bureau, where she heads the development of the Startup Studio. Anissia prefers the excitement of the unknown to the comfort of the safe. As long as she's moving, learning, creating and most importantly: having fun.