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Meet the Frenchies!

We are a team of 20 hyper motivated
designers, business strategists, engineers, and entrepreneurs

  • Marion Paolini
    Marion Paolini Technology Lead
  • Sixtine Naquet-Radiguet
    Sixtine Naquet-Radiguet Senior Technology Lead
  • Clovis Picard
    Clovis Picard Senior Technology Lead
  • Anissia Tcherniaeff
    Anissia Tcherniaeff Senior Business Lead
  • Mounir Mahjoubi
    Mounir Mahjoubi Founder
  • Johanna Lapray
    Johanna Lapray Design Lead
  • Paul Scalbert
    Paul Scalbert Business Lead
  • Ming Yang
    Ming Yang Business Lead
  • Tom Formont
    Tom Formont Design Lead
  • Alexis Ducrocq
    Alexis Ducrocq Business Lead
  • Grégoire Naudin
    Grégoire Naudin Business Lead
  • Paul Morin
    Paul Morin Design Lead
  • Valentin Bourrelier
    Valentin Bourrelier Technology Lead
  • Jérôme Uthurry
    Jérôme Uthurry Business Lead
  • Youen Chéné
    Youen Chéné Design Lead
  • Charlotte Lemaitre
    Charlotte Lemaitre Senior Business Lead
  • Clémentine Bonneau
    Clémentine Bonneau Business Lead
  • Faten Saleh
    Faten Saleh Senior Business Lead
  • Paola Craveiro
    Paola Craveiro Business Lead
  • Thomas Papadopoulos
    Thomas Papadopoulos CEO
  • Ariane Dubedout
    Ariane Dubedout Senior Business Lead

Photos : © Mickaël Masliah